Issue #20 November 2011
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Kathy Barwick

FaceBook5 FREE Christmas Patterns You Can Get Started on Now!


Christmas is only two short months away. So you'd better get stitchin' if you want to create some beautiful plastic canvas Christmas gifts.


To help get you started, directly below you'll find 5 FREE plastic canvas patterns you can make for Christmas!


Plus, I'd like to introduce you to a talented plastic canvas designer whose patterns I know you're going to love!


Hey there, fellow plastic canvas crafter!


I'd like to introduce you to a talented and creative plastic canvas designer named Laura Oversby, who's now one of the Featured Artists on my Etsy Store.  


Laura just designed an entire Beautiful Bathroom ensemble, and each piece is listed in the Featured Artist section of my Etsy store.


I'll show you some of Laura's great work in just a minute.


But first, since Christmas is only two months away, I wanted to remind you of the FIVE FREE patterns that are available on my blog.


I think they'd make great Christmas gifts...


FaceBookFREE Pattern #1


The first FREE pattern is available by clicking this link called Plastic Canvas Playing Card Holder.


If you have any friends of family members who love to play cards, this is a gift you can make for them yourself, and they'll never forget it.


After all, these playing card holders are unique and convenient to use. And they really make it simple to arrange and hold the cards you've been dealt!


Just click the above link to get the patterns FREE!


FaceBookWhat's more, the 3 inch plastic canvas circles to make these unique card holders are available on my Etsy store at this link.


But they're selling like wildfire.


So if this FREE pattern is something you'd like to make as a gift, you may want to pick up a few packs of the circles and get started now.


 FREE Pattern #2:


The second FREE pattern is available by clicking this link called Plastic Canvas Stand-Up Christmas Mantle Decoration Patterns.




Decorate your mantle or coffee table with these beautiful stand-up plastic canvas Christmas symbols.


They're quick and easy to make. And you can use them to decorate your own home for Christmas, or give them to friends and family members to decorate theirs!


They're absolutely gorgeous Christmas decorations. And I think you'll really enjoy making them! Just click the above link to get the patterns FREE!


FREE Pattern #3:


The third FREE pattern is available by clicking this link called Christmas Gift Tag Pattern.




Hey, you can never have enough Christmas gift tags, right?


But how many people think to make custom plastic canvas gift tags?


You simply work the FREE plastic canvas pattern at the link above, and then glue the gift tag onto the back of the pattern, and fill it out. Then attach your custom-made gift tag to the package.


I guarantee, this year your Christmas packages will stand out from all of the others when you add your own colorful Christmas Gift Tag to each one!


And it's all in the instructions at the above link. They're quick, simple, elegant and fun to make!


FaceBookFREE Pattern #4:


The fourth FREE pattern is available by clicking this link called Tiny Treats Christmas Candy Box


These will make great stocking stuffers.


You just work the pattern for the candy box (see instructions at above link)...


...and then fill it with your favorite Christmas candy and pass them out.


Friends and family will absolutely love them!


FaceBookFREE Pattern #5:



The fifth FREE pattern is available by clicking this link called Tiny Trinkets Christmas Ornament


This year, personalize the decorations on your Christmas tree by making your own colorful Christmas tree ornaments.


These are made with plastic canvas and a simple jewelry embellishment or other trinket in the center!


They're inexpensive to make. And you can create them in any colors you wish. The full instructions are at the link directly above.


But remember, Christmas is only two months away. And you have lots to work on, thanks to these five FREE patterns. So you'd better get stitchin'!


Meet Laura Oversby


FaceBookFinally, as promised, I want to introduce you to Laura Oversby, a member of my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer's Community on Facebook.


She's a talented and creative plastic canvas crafts designer I've known for a long time. 


Like me, Laura designs her original plastic canvas projects in her head, then works them, and only afterwards creates the patterns!


Laura has created a "Beautiful Bathroom" ensemble with enough pieces to decorate several bathrooms in your home. You can choose whatever pieces fit your décor.  


And you can view all of these beautiful and thoroughly functional patterns on my Etsy store at this special link.  


Below is a sneak peak at just a few of Laura's gorgeous designs for every bathroom in your home...


You can see more, and purchase the full color patterns and colored graphs on my Etsy Store at the special link above.


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Waste Basket



Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Single Roll Toilet Paper Holder


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Four Roll Toilet Paper Holder


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Soap Dispenser Cover


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

"Love" Plaque


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Double Heart Frame


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Flower Cone


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Curtain Ties


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Cup Dispenser


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom Wall Border


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Plant Hanger


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Heart and Flower Tissue Topper


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Toothbrush Holder


Laura's Beautiful Bathroom

Hand Towel Holder


As you can see, Laura is a very gifted and talented plastic canvas crafts designer. 


Her projects are sure to brighten up any number of bathrooms in your home.


If you're as enthused as I am about Laura's projects, be sure to pick up a few right away at this special link on my Etsy.com store.


Naturally, Laura's patterns would also make very beautiful finished Christmas gifts.


Have You Seen My Etsy Store Lately?


I now have over 1,000 listings on my Etsy store.


There, you'll find not only my latest original patterns for sale...


...but also, hundreds of single patterns from my own personal stash of classic, hard-to-find plastic canvas crafts magazines and books, including:



You could search eBay for weeks or even months to find some of these classic patterns, and still not find them. 


But...they're in my store, and they're very reasonably priced.  (And you don't have to go through a nerve-wracking bidding war to get them.)


Plus, there's an entire section of hard-to-find holiday patterns, including tons of great Christmas patterns!


So be sure to check it out.


With over 1,000 items to choose from - including unique plastic canvas supplies - there's no doubt you'll find exactly what you've been looking for.


Until next time...


Best regards, and Happy stitchin'! 

Best regards, and Happy stichin'!


Kathy Barwick
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach 



P.S.  Bingo Game seven is still being played but we should be getting real close to having a winner.


My newest FREE online Bingo game will start one week after game seven ends. Numbers are posted daily on my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer's Community on Facebook.


The winner will get their pick of any pattern under $10 on my Etsy.com store, (excluding Featured Artist patterns). 


You must be a member of my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer's Community on Facebook to play the FREE online Bingo games and win FREE patterns.


So please click here to go to my Facebook community and join me and over 770 other hard-core plastic canvas crafts addicts who love to create plastic canvas crafts projects and share what we're working on with each other. 


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