Issue #21 November 2011
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Kathy Barwick


Create these Cheerful, Quick-and-Easy Christmas Coasters... But Hurry, There's Only 25 Days and Counting Left!


Are you looking for something quick-and-easy to make before Christmas gets here?


Here's three different sets of unique decorative Christmas coasters that will be cherished by your family every holiday season for years to come!


Hi, Kathy Barwick here for www.AddictedToPlasticCanvas.com...


Decorating your house is an important part of making everything just right for the Christmas holidays.


If you're anything like me, you have your favorite Christmas decorations that are tucked away and brought out to display year after year.


But I always like to add something new each year, to make the holiday even more festive and cheerful than ever before.


That's why I'm so very pleased that one of my Featured Artists, Lori Steinem, has come up with three different sets of quick-and-easy Christmas coasters that are guaranteed to add that special touch of holiday cheer to every household.


There are six coasters per set. And each coaster can be made in less than an hour. What's more, each set is very affordable.


Best yet, there's virtually no waiting to get the patterns. When you order, you'll receive them the same day by email in PDF format so you can get started on them right away!


3 Sets of Cheerful Christmas Coasters

You Can Get Started on Now!


Set #1: Charming Christmas Cheer Coasters




Click here to go to the listing for the Charming Christmas Coasters set.


Set #2: Festive Christmas Cheer Coasters




Click here to go to the listing for the Festive Christmas Cheer Coasters set!


Set #3: Decorative Christmas Cheer Coasters and Gift Box Holder




Click here to go to the listing for the Decorative Christmas Cheer Coasters Set and Gift Box Holder.


Only 25 Days 'Til Christmas and Counting...


Because these beautiful holiday coasters are designed to be quick-and-easy, with each coaster taking less than an hour to make, you still have plenty of time to make them before Christmas if you order right away.  


You can even make sets for family and friends, as Christmas gifts, if you'd like!


Remember: Each set you order will be sent to you by email, in PDF format, so there's no waiting to receive them in the mail.


They'll be emailed to you the same day you purchase the patterns. (Or next day if you order in the evening or on weekends.)


  • Each set is very affordable
  • They're quick-and-easy to make
  • You'll receive them by email in PDF format
  • Everyone will love them!


So what are waiting for?


Christmas is only 25 days away. So it's time to get stitchin' if you want to create some beautiful plastic canvas Christmas coasters for your home, or to give as gifts to family and friends.


 If You Haven't Been to My Etsy Store Lately...


I have over 950 listings on my Etsy store.


There, you'll find not only my latest original patterns for sale...


...but also, hundreds of single patterns, (some of which are over 15 years old and are in excellent condition), from my own personal stash of classic, hard-to-find plastic canvas crafts magazines and books, including:



You could search eBay for weeks or even months to find some of these classic patterns, and still not find them. 


But...they're in my store, and they're very reasonably priced.  (And you don't have to go through a nerve-wracking bidding war to get them.)


Plus, there's an entire section of hard-to-find holiday patterns, including tons of great Christmas patterns!


There are now 85 original patterns from the Featured Artist Section, including patterns such as Crosses, Coasters, Bathroom Ensembles, Vases, Tissue Boxes, School Bus pattern and more.


So be sure to check it all out.


With over 950 items to choose from - including unique plastic canvas supplies - there's no doubt you'll find exactly what you've been looking for.


Until next time...

Best regards, and Happy stichin'!


Kathy Barwick
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach 



P.S.  Bingo game #8 will be starting up soon on my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer's Community on Facebook, directly after game #7 ends.


You don't want to miss game #8. The winner will receive two FREE patterns from my Etsy.com store!


There's no cost to play. And if you win, you'll get your pick of any pattern under $10 on my Etsy.com store, (excluding Featured Artist patterns). Plus I'll also send you a surprise Christmas Pattern as a gift!

It will be a simple straight bingo, and I'll post two numbers daily. So this should be a very quick game.


Numbers are posted daily on my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer's Community on Facebook, but you must be a community member to play the FREE online Bingo games and win FREE patterns!


So please click here to go to my Facebook community.


Join with me and over 790 other hard-core plastic canvas crafts addicts who love to create plastic canvas crafts projects and share what we're working on with each other.


All you have to do is click the "Like" button at the top of the page, and you'll automatically become a member of this talented community of plastic canvas crafters! 


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