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Issue #25

June 2012

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Kathy Barwick


FREE Plastic Canvas Playing Card Holder

Everyone loves a good card game. So why not make the game more enjoyable with this easy to make plastic canvas card holder? It's great for all types of card games and best of all, the pattern is FREE!

Hey there, fellow plastic canvas crafter!

Besides giving you the free plastic canvas playing card pattern below, I also wanted to give you an update on a few things going on within my Etsy store.

First...I have some great news; my Etsy.com store now takes credit cards! This makes checkout very simple. So if you just don't like Paypal, it's now a breeze to order by credit card any of the nearly 1,000 patterns or plastic canvas crafts supplies from my store. Plus you'll still get an invoice with your order number, your order details, and the total.

Second...I now sell all PDF patterns not only within the United States but also to every country that Etsy offers. PDF patterns are generally emailed to you the same day you order.

Third...Listed on my Etsy.com store you'll also find between 700 and 800 older, out-of-print and difficult-to-find patterns taken directly from binders and books - some of which are over 20 years old! These are not photocopies. And they're not available in PDF format. They're mailed through the U.S. Post Office, and for postage reasons they're sold only within the United States.. Sorry, no foreign orders for these printed patterns.

Before being mailed, these printed patterns are placed in a protective sleeve and then put inside of a file folder and mailed in a large manila envelope so they lay flat and are not folded. Finally, I hand write the words "Please Do Not Bend! Thank You!" on the envelope to insure your patterns stay flat until you receive them.

Finally...If you love to play cards, I now carry the 3" plastic canvas circles for making these great little card holders. You'll find them in the supplies section on my Etsy store. They're so easy to make, all of your card-playing friends will want one!

You get 10 circles in every package, so you can make a total of five playing card holders from a single package!

See below for the full, step-by-step pattern, FREE...







Plastic Canvas Playing Card Holder Pattern


As promised, here's the complete materials list and step-by-step instructions for making these ingenious little plastic canvas playing card holders/span>:


Materials for one Playing Card Holder

Two 3" Round impressions available here.      

  • Lion Brand Yarn 861-109 Vanna's Glamour, Sapphire/span>. Available here.
  • Dress It Up Buttons - Place your Bet 3583 POKER - available at Michael's Craft Store
  • DMC White floss
  • Red Heart Yarn...Cherry red, worsted, medium
  • RRed Heart Yarn...Black, worsted, medium

Step-by-Step Instructions

STEP #1:

  • Each of the circles has a raised rim. Using Cherry red yarn, you're going to stitch around the entire rim.  
  • Try to keep your stitches straight. You'll need to stitch twice in some holes. You can tell by the slant. If it's too big of a slant just make the next stitch go into the same hole so that it looks straight.




  • Using the picture below as your guide, stitch twice in each hole using Vanna's Glamour Sapphire yarn.  
  • Your circle will look like the photos below, after you finish step two.


 STEP #3: 

  • Come up from the back and go down in the front near the outer rim of the circle, making one straight stitch.  
  • Come back up in same hole near the outer rim.  
  • Go down and across to the next hole. 

  • Come up in the hole near the outer rim, and go down to make a straight stitch again.   
  • Continue all the way around the circle.  
  • When you end up where you started, leave a 1/2 inch tail of yarn, and cut off the rest. Glue the tail down on the back side. Step three is finished.

 Step #4:   

  • Using white DMC floss, straight stitch between the black and sapphire yarn.  
  • Continue all the way around till you end up where you started. Leave ½" tail. Cut off yarn and glue down tail.

Step #5:

  • The middle of the circle is split into 8 sections. In each section there are 4 small holes and one large hole.
  • Photo one, below. Using sapphire yarn stitch twice in each small hole.
  • Photo two, below, shows how one finished section should look.
  • Photo three, below, shows how 6 finished sections should look.


All sections are finished. Step five is complete, below.

Step #6:

  • Using black, fill in the center.
  • Step six is finished, below.  

Step #7:

  • Using black yarn, do a straight stitch between the red and the sapphire.
  • Step seven is finished, below.  


SStep #8:

  • Whipstitch rim, stitch twice in each hole. o:p>
  • Go all the way around. Leave ½" tail. Cut off yarn and glue down tail. Step eight is finished, below
  • Make another circle following steps 1-8, so you have two circles.


SStep #9:

  • Using Blue Metallic Yarn, straight stitch between the black and the red boarder.  Continue all the way around until you end up where you started. Leave ½" tail. Cut off yarn and glue down tail.

Step #10:Sewing the two circles together 

  • Place two circles back to back.
  • We want to make an X in one direction then make another X in a different direction. 
  • To do this, take a piece of black yarn 4 inches long, and poke your needle with the yarn through the center of the top circle into the bottom circle.
  • Now bring the yarn back through the bottom diagonally up through the top. This makes half the x.
  • Poke your needle with the yarn through the center of the top circle into the bottom circle in the opposite direction.
  • Now bring the yarn back through the bottom diagonally up through the top. This makes a complete x.
  • Step ten is finished, below.

Step #11: 

  • Picture 1, 2 and 3. Glue on your favorite embellishment to the center of the front and the center of the back.

Or you can create the same card holder in any colors of yarn you wish. Here's an example in pink and hot pink:


Here's what your card holder looks like finished and ready to use:


By the way, here's i> another eye-catching playing card holder, called "Play With Pizzazz." The pattern is available on my Etsy.com store for only $3. Just click this link if you're interested.


Finally, start a card game, and let the fun begin!

Believe me, all of your card partners are going to want you to make these fabulous playing card holders for them, too, once they see yours. And they make great hand-made birthday gifts, too. So be sure to order a few extra packages of the circles so you'll always have them on hand.

Best regards, and Happy stichin'!



Kathy Barwick,
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach 



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