Issue #27 September 2012
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Kathy Barwick


Announcing: Plastic Canvas How-To Videos by Kathy Barwick!


If you've ever wanted to follow along with a bona-fide plastic canvas expert and learn how to put more pizzazz into your plastic canvas projects with new stitches and techniques, these short how-to videos might be just what you've been looking for!


Hi, Kathy Barwick here, for www.AddictedToPlasticCanvas.com ...


I've got a bunch of great how-to videos on plastic canvas coming your way, and they're being posted one-at-a-time to the "Videos" page of the AddictedToPlasticCanvas.com website.


In fact, I have 10 new videos already in the planning stages. And there are five new videos already on my website for your viewing pleasure!


These short how-to videos were shot with my Web cam. So they're true guerrilla videos, rather than professionally shot videos. And I'm afraid it shows, a little bit, in a few of them.


But the information is nevertheless quite eye-opening and helpful, particularly if you're interested in learning how to do stitches that will really jazz-up your plastic canvas projects and bring them to life!


What You'll Learn...


In some of these videos I demonstrate basic techniques, such as how to whipstitch two pieces of canvas together. And in others I demonstrate more complicated stitches, such as the Algerian Eye Stitch, the Double French Knot, and others.


And the videos I've got planned for the future are going to really going to knock your socks off, because I'm going to show you how to do some of the stitches I've used to win over 100 ribbons (including numerous blue ribbons) in plastic canvas competitions, and to get my plastic canvas patterns published by Annie's Attic and The Needle Craft Shop.


Here's what you'll find right now at the "Videos" page of my AddictedToPlasticCanvas.com website:


FaceBookHow to Whipstitch Two Pieces of Plastic Canvas Together 


One of the easiest stitches in plastic canvas is the whipstitch.


This stitch can be used to stitch two pieces of canvas together, quickly and easily. Here's a short video demonstrating exactly how to do it.



FaceBookHow to Tell the Count Size of a Piece of Plastic Canvas 


Plastic canvas "count" refers to the number of squares or holes per inch. 7-count means that there are seven squares or holes per inch. Other plastic canvas counts are 10-count, 14-count, and 5-count. Here's a short video demonstrating how to tell the count of any piece of plastic canvas with a simple ruler.


FaceBookHow to Make a Basic and a Double French Knot 


To make a basic French Knot, you simply bring your needle up from the back to the front. Wrap the yarn around the needle once and insert the needle back down into the same hole you came up from. Then pull tight.


To make a double French Knot, bring your needle up from the back to the front. Wrap the yarn around the needle twice, instead of just once, before inserting it back down into the same hole you came up from. Then pull tight.


Watch how it's done, step-by-step on the video.


FaceBookHow to Do a Double Whipstitch 


Thoroughly covering all of the seams and corners of your plastic canvas project is essential if you want it to look professional. No plastic should show. And your borders should clearly frame the piece you're stitching so it really stands out when finished. You can accomplish this by using a double whipstitch. Surprisingly, many plastic canvas crafters simply don't realize there's no rule saying you can only stitch one time through the same hole. In reality, you can stitch as many times through the same hole as needed to cover all of the canvas in the seams and corners, and create well-defined borders. Watch how it's done on the video.


FaceBookHow to Do a Algerian Eye Stitch 


This is a relatively complex stitch, but it adds loads of pizzazz and eye-appeal to any plastic canvas project.


As you'll see in this video, each individual stitch is worked from the outer edge to the same hole in the center. Once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake.


More Videos Coming...


As I stated, I've got a lot more of these how-to videos in the planning stages. And I'll post them to the AddictedToPlasticCanvas.com website, one-by-one, as I finish them.  


When you're finished watching the videos, be sure to visit the home page of my Addicted to Plastic Canvas website for 5 FREE downloadable patterns!


And visit my Etsy store to browse though over 1,000 patterns, including difficult-to-find, out-of-print classic patterns from Annie's Attic, Leisure Arts and the Needlecraft Shop.  

Best regards, and Happy stichin'!


Kathy Barwick,
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach    


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