Issue #1
December 2009

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Kathy Barwick

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Hey there, fellow plastic canvas crafter!


Thanks for signing up on my web site to download the 5 FREE plastic canvas crafts patterns, and to be notified when my new 350-page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets is ready.


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Plus, you'll get lots more FREE original patterns...be able to participate in my online plastic canvas crafts challenges...see unique projects that some of your fellow plastic canvas crafters are working on...learn little-known techniques for designing your own plastic canvas crafts projects...and loads more.

More FREE Patterns! 

I've also recently posted several FREE Christmas patterns on my KraftyKatsBlog.  So be sure to click the link and check them out when you've finished reading this issue of the e-Zine. 


You'll also find lots of cool hints and tips on the blog that will give you plenty of ideas for brand new plastic canvas crafts projects. 


The blog is designed to help spark your creative juices and get you used to the idea of designing your own plastic canvas crafts projects. So be sure to visit it often as I'm always posting new ideas...revealing my most closely-held secrets for designing original projects (and even for making money from them)...and of course, posting more of my FREE original patterns for you to work on!

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In your very next issue of Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets e-Zine, I'm going to ask you for a very special favor. And if you help me out, I'll give you another one of my original plastic canvas patterns...FREE!


You see, I need your help putting the finishing touches on my new 350-page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets. 


I'd like to know what you'd most like to see included in the book.  In fact, I'm counting on your input to help make my new book one of the best plastic canvas crafts "how to" books ever published.


And yes, I even want your input on what the price of the book should be!


So please, watch for the next issue of the Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets e-Zine, and take the brief survey.  When you've finished the survey, you'll automatically get another one of my brand new original patterns...absolutely FREE!

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Okay...that's all for now.  I hope you've enjoyed your first issue of my FREE e-Zine. 


Be sure to watch for the next issue, and take the brief survey letting me know what you'd like to see included in my upcoming 350-page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets, before it's published.

Happy stichin'!
Kathy Barwick
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach
P.S.  My latest plastic canvas crafts challenge on Facebook is to design your own original Christmas cross.  I've posted a template for a Christmas cross on my Flickr page so you can easily cut the canvas.  And along with it I've posted a photo of book of plastic canvas crosses that I sold to Annie's Attic, just to give you some ideas for designing your own crosses.  But the design you create on your original plastic canvas Christmas cross for the challenge is strictly up to you.  After all, this is a challenge to show your fellow crafters how creative you are!  So please click here to go to Facebook and join me and over 1,000 other hard-core plastic canvas crafts addicts who love to create original plastic canvas crafts projects and share what we're working on with each other. 
Kathy Barwick is the author of the highly-anticipated forthcoming new 350-page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets.

She has worked extensively in crafts for over 23 years, and believes strongly that to live life to its fullest, you must actively engage in pursuits that give you the greatest sense of personal satisfaction, and you must pursue your passions and dreams with enthusiasm and determination, without ever forgetting to have fun in the process.

Besides creating her own original plastic canvas crafts designs and selling them to major crafts publishers such as Annie's Attic and the NeedleCraft Shop, her greatest passion is teaching her fellow crafters how to quickly and easily expand their skills and tap into the abundance of creative options available for taking their plastic canvas crafts projects to the next level.