Issue #33January 2013
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Kathy Barwick

Meet Lissa Mitchell, Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer!


Here's another extremely talented plastic canvas crafts designer you need to meet, if you love working unique and clever plastic canvas patterns that are as colorful and beautifully designed as they are useful...


Hey there, fellow plastic canvas crafter!


I want to introduce you to my newest super-talented plastic canvas designer, Lissa Mitchell.


Her designs are so creative, clever, colorful and inspiring, I think you'll fall in love with all of them.  (You might even want to purchase a few!)


Lissa's Story


Lissa, was born and raised in Maryland and now resides in Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. She has four cats and two dogs.


Her passion for plastic canvas started when she was introduced to plastic canvas by her Aunt Karen, at just 11 years old. She was instantly intrigued, and decided very quickly to start creating her own unique projects.


Lissa's very first attempt to create a project out of plastic canvas was a three dimensional Little Drummer Boy ornament. Quite a task for an 11 year old, right? Not for Lissa!


After finishing her first original design, Lissa was filled with the sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and pride of her own creation. Once she started creating, and saw the Little Drummer Boy come to life, she couldn't stop designing. Ideas started flowing, and she's been designing and creating patterns to this very day.


20 years later, Lissa came up with a great idea! It occurred to her that she could design and sell her creations. Imagine -- create projects of the craft that she loves, and provide unique and clever patterns for other crafters, too!

Lissa has never lost the desire to create. Idea's run wild and they continue to be sketched out on paper for the future. She has enough ideas to last for a lifetime!


Below is a sneak peak of just a few of Lissa's original projects. Check them out, or you can view them on my Esty store at Lissa's special link.   


Plastic Canvas Gingerbread Baskets!


We all love baskets! These are so beautiful and can be made to match any room in the house.


You can put one in the kitchen and fill it with salt & pepper shakers, toothpicks, and napkins.


Or put one in the baby's room and fill it with baby accessories, wipes, Q tips, cotton balls, shampoo, soap, hairbrush, and nail clippers.


Or how about putting one in the bedroom and let your husband fill it with the things he takes out of his pants pockets each night?


Hey, you can even put one in the guestroom as a handy place to store the TV remotes, some bottled water, some packaged snacks, or what-have-you!

Just say to yourself, I wish I had a basket for... and make one!


Ladybug Checkers Game!


What great fun! This Ladybug Checkers game will keep lovers of this ever-popular game busy for quite awhile.


This project is the perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages, young and old. (Or for adults with young hearts!)


You get detailed instructions and graphs for both sides, along with kings. When a piece reaches the last row it becomes a king.


Unique Chess Game!


If you have a chess player in the family (or among your good friends) they're going to love this large plastic canvas version of the centuries old chess game.


You can play it indoors for the winter, or set it up on a patio table in the summer and play outdoors. The tallest game piece is 7".


The board is made of 4 separate pieces that lay side by side, measuring a total of 26" x 26". It's designed for easy storage when packed away.


It's an extraordinary project you'll love to work, and the chess player in your family will love to use!


Colorful 10" x 13"Rag Quilt Tote!


Have you ever made or seen the stylish and popular rag quilt totes?


This is a unique and colorful Tote, and very fun to make!


You'll love this Tote, because you can make it match your clothing or décor, or use it in the home, office or anywhere that needs a splash of color!


Your teens and young children will love it as well! It also makes a great gift for birthdays or other occasions!


Best yet, it's large enough and sturdy enough to carry up to two pounds.


As you can see in the photo to the left, this one is made totally out of plastic canvas featuring 12 block patterns that you can mix and match. The rag look is made by doing a stitch called the turkey loop.


Stitch it in any color! It's up to you!


Get a closer look at this project and some of Lissa's other colorful projects at her special page on my Etsy.com store!


Stunning, Creative, Colorful, And Family Oriented!


I think you'll agree with me that Lissa is a very talented plastic canvas crafts designer.  Her finished projects are some of the most creative patterns I've seen in quite some time.


What's more, they're unique, charming, colorful, and very cleverly put together. Anyone would be thrilled to receive them as a gift.


As Lissa said, "Idea's run wild and they continue to be sketched out on paper for the future. I have enough ideas to last for a lifetime!"


I know you'll be hearing a lot more from Lissa in the plastic canvas world as time goes on.


So if you're as enthused as I am about Lissa's projects, be sure to check them out a bit closer on her special link at my Etsy store right away!


Do You Have What It Takes

To Create and Sell Your Own Patterns?


I've asked this question before and I'll ask you again:Do you have what it takes to create and sell your own original patterns?


I'm looking for new plastic canvas artists to feature on my Etsy store.


To be considered, all you have to do is join my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer's Community on Facebook (it's FREE) and start posting pictures of your finished projects, based on your original designs.

I keep a close watch on the finished projects that are posted to the Community, looking to see what kind of feedback is given on each one.


If the finished projects are unique and eye-catching, and if there's a large response from people saying they'd like to have the pattern...


...then I'll consider sending an invitation to the designer, along with a contract and a proposal to sell the original patterns on my Etsy.com store, just like I am doing for Lissa Mitchell now.


Hope I'll be working with you in the future, on a more personal level, if you're an experienced designer interested in selling your original plastic canvas patterns.

Best regards, and Happy stichin'!


Kathy Barwick,
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach    


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Kathy Barwick is the author of the highly-anticipated forthcoming new 350-page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets.

She has worked extensively in crafts for over 23 years, and believes strongly that to live life to its fullest, you must actively engage in pursuits that give you the greatest sense of personal satisfaction, and you must pursue your passions and dreams with enthusiasm and determination, without ever forgetting to have fun in the process.

Besides creating her own original plastic canvas crafts designs and selling them to major crafts publishers such as Annie's Attic and the NeedleCraft Shop, her greatest passion is teaching her fellow crafters how to quickly and easily expand their skills and tap into the abundance of creative options available for taking their plastic canvas crafts projects to the next level.