Issue #31November 2012
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Kathy Barwick


Christmas-Themed Plastic Canvas Patterns!


If you're looking for some great patterns to work for the Christmas holidays, you're going to love browsing through my collection of brand new original patterns, as well as older classic holiday-themed patterns.


In fact, I've got TONS of beautiful Christmas-themed patterns for you to browse through in my Etsy Store. And I've posted some samples of what you'll find directly below...


Hey there, fellow plastic canvas crafter!


With Christmas coming up fast, you'll definitely want to search through the over 150 classic holiday-themed patterns I've posted to the Holiday section of my Etsy Store.


Plus, there's a wide variety of beautiful, original Christmas-themed patterns from my hand-chosen designers, which I know you're really going to love!


Here's just a small sampling of the original Christmas patterns you'll find on my Etsy Store:


Christmas Cheer Coasters



Holiday Poinsettia Center Piece 




Christmas Candle Gingerbread Couple Center Piece 



Christmas Love Bear 



Snowflake Christmas Bulb  



Christmas Stocking Ornament 



Jingle Bell Curtain Ties  



Candy Cane Holder Delight  



Countdown 'Til Christmas



Christmas Tissue Box Cover 



Christmas Gift Box 



Glistening Snow Cross 




Browse Through the Holiday Section of My Etsy Store!


In addition to the original patterns above, I also have TONS of older, classic Christmas-themed patterns posted in the Holiday category of my Etsy Store.


You'll have to browse through the Holiday category by clicking the link above. I can't link to the patterns below, because once these classic patterns are sold, they're gone for good.


That's because these are not photocopies of old patterns. In every case you get the actual original pattern straight from its original source, i.e., older plastic canvas books, magazines or leaflets.


(In very rare cases I may have a duplicate pattern, which I would re-list.  But that is the rare exception rather than the rule.)


So be sure to take a few moments and visit the Holiday category of my Etsy Store today, and browse through my personal stash of classic and difficult-to-find patterns while they're still available.  


For example, you'll find patterns like these...


O Holy Night



Stocking Frame Ornaments



Reindeer Topper



Holiday Angel



Snowman Tote Bag



Enchanted Cottage



Pleated Candy Cane Basket



Plus, you'll find patterns like these:


Beautiful Christmas Wreath... Holly Holiday Frame...Rejoicing Angel...Handy Candy Cookie and Nut Canister...Sweet Candy Center Piece...Potpourri Sleigh...Gift Bows Extras...Pretty Poinsettias ...Gingerbread Family Garland...Patchwork Tree Basket...


...Dove and Cross of Peace...Frosty Friends...Enchanting Nutcracker...Angel Bear Stocking Holder...Merry Magnets...Forest Friends...Angel Gift Bag...Quick and Easy Ornaments... Gingerbread House...Christmas Candy Box...Bible Box...Peppermint Pretties...


And many, many more. In fact, there are so many more great holiday themed plastic canvas projects it will knock your socks off!


Plus TONS of Other Great Classic Patterns!


That's right; you'll find TONS of other great classic patterns on my Etsy Store, too, including tissue boxes...flower pens...portable pets...pirates island...place mats...vases...totes...wall hangings... handbags...candy canisters...School Bus Tissue Topper/Organizer and School Bus Box...


...School Books Tissue Topper/Organizer...shadow boxes...gift bags...book covers...Bible covers... coasters...mug inserts...angels...ginger bread houses...ginger bread baskets...checkbook covers... electrical outlet covers...


And so many, many more unique and hard-to-find classic plastic canvas patterns it would take me all day just to list them!


 Plus You Can Win FREE Patterns While You Shop!


Hey, I'm not done yet...not until I tell you how easy it is to win FREE patterns when you shop my Etsy Store collection of classic and hard-to-find patterns.


This is all you need to do: Purchase any item from my store, and at the end of each month your name will be put into a drawing. In fact, your name will be put in for each item you purchase. So if you buy five items your name goes into the drawing five times.


On the last day of each month I take all the names of all the people who have made a purchase for that month, and put the names into a container, shake it up and draw out a winner.


I contact the winner by email every month (I will have your email address from your order) and let them know to claim their FREE pattern!


The winner may pick any (one) plastic canvas pattern of their choice for FREE from my Etsy store, as long as it's priced at $10.00 or under.  (The only exclusion to this game is that you CAN"T pick patterns from Robyn Watson, Lori Steinman, Laura Oversby or Genevie Doyle's section.) 


Best regards, and Happy stichin'!


Kathy Barwick,
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach    


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Kathy Barwick is the author of the highly-anticipated forthcoming new 350-page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets.

She has worked extensively in crafts for over 23 years, and believes strongly that to live life to its fullest, you must actively engage in pursuits that give you the greatest sense of personal satisfaction, and you must pursue your passions and dreams with enthusiasm and determination, without ever forgetting to have fun in the process.

Besides creating her own original plastic canvas crafts designs and selling them to major crafts publishers such as Annie's Attic and the NeedleCraft Shop, her greatest passion is teaching her fellow crafters how to quickly and easily expand their skills and tap into the abundance of creative options available for taking their plastic canvas crafts projects to the next level.