Issue #10 November 2010
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Kathy Barwick

Hey there, fellow plastic canvas crafter!


I've got a really nifty plastic canvas project idea I'm going to show you how to do - FREE - in just a second!


It's quick...it's easy...it's fun.  And I know you're going to love it!


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Ok...so here's my nifty plastic canvas project idea for you...


How to Create Your Own Quick-and-Easy

Plastic Canvas and Sequins Pictures!


Do you have a favorite cartoon character you'd like to do in canvas? Or maybe a favorite sports logo...favorite animal...favorite flower...or favorite holiday symbol?


You can create a beautiful and amazing-looking 8 x 10 picture simply by going to Google Images, and finding a picture of whatever image you'd like, and then recreate that image on plastic canvas using some colored sequins and yarn.  


For example, I have a nephew who gets a kick out of the cartoon character Sponge Bob.  So I went to Google Images and found a cool color drawing of him.  And using the technique I'm going to explain to you below, I created a colorful 8" x 10" picture of Sponge Bob any child would love.


Here's how it's done (see photos below for extra guidance):


Start by cutting a piece of 7 count canvas 53W x 66H. (This size will fit an 8" x 10" picture frame perfectly.)


Then, take a color picture of your choosing, and enlarge it to fit on the canvas. 


I've found that the easiest way to enlarge a color image is to use my computer's Paint program.  You just copy the image and go to Paint, use the Edit/Paste function to paste the image into Paint, and then use the Stretch and Skew function to enlarge the image to the size you want. 


Then use the Save function to save the image to your Desktop.  Be sure to name it, and save it as a jpeg file because that's easier to work with. 


Then simply print it out, in color.  If you don't have a color printer, print it out in black and white, and color it in with colored pencils or crayon. 


Alternately, when you initially paste the image into Paint, you can save it immediately to your Desktop.  If your computer is like mine, it will save it on your Microsoft Office Picture Manager, or a similar program.  You can then open it from your Desktop and use that program to manipulate the size.


To make a border around the picture, lay the picture face up, and place the sheet of plastic canvas on top of the picture, as I've done in Photo #1 below.  Make sure you can see the picture through the canvas.  Center the picture, so that you have an even amount of holes on each side of the picture.  (See photo #1 below.) 


Photo #1 Photo #2
Photo #1 Photo #2


On my project, I also wanted to add a caption under the Sponge Bob photo.  So I left plenty of space at the bottom to do so. (See photo #2 above.) You can do the same, if you want.


After you have your picture centered, take your glue (Aleene's tacky glue) and apply some glue in a small area in the center of the canvas. Then one by one, beginning at the center of the canvas, start gluing down each sequin to match the corresponding colors of the picture behind the canvas. Gradually work your way out to the sides, from the center.  (See photos #3 and 4 below.)


Photo #3 Photo #4
Photo #3 Photo #4

I use a sewing needle to pick up each sequin.  It's easier and makes the work go faster. Just dip your needle lightly into the glue you've put on your canvas, and then touch the needle to a sequin in order to pick it up.  Place the sequin on top of the canvas where you've already applied the glue.


Tip:  If you use cupped sequins rather than flat sequins, be sure to glue the sequins cupped side downward, so the sequins fit snugly together without overlapping each other.


Try to place your sequins as close together as possible. Continue placing glue in small one-inch sections at a time, working out toward the edges, adding sequins to cover up the glue as you work your way from the center.


Don't worry if a little glue gets on the top part of the sequins.  It will dry clear. Continue this process until you have your picture complete. Let your picture dry overnight.


Now go back and look at the picture, if you see any gaps between your sequins you can fill them by cutting some sequins in half, or even smaller if needs be. Just add a dab of glue and place the cut sequins where you need them. Once again, let it dry overnight.


Once all of the glue is completely dried, stitch whatever kind of border you like around the picture. (See photo #5 below.)


If you choose to use a caption as I did below, be sure to stitch your caption in first, before stitching the bottom section of the border.  That way you can make sure all of the words will fit properly before stitching in that section of border. 

Photo #5 Photo #6
Photo #5 Photo #6

If you end up with any small gaps between the stitched border and the sequined picture, you can fill them in the same way as above, i.e., by cutting your sequins in half or even smaller if needs be, and gluing them into the gaps. Once again, let it dry overnight.


Finally, place the finished project in a standard 8" x 10" picture frame...and ta da...you're finished!


If you want to jazz it up just a little bit more, you can add some adhesive stickers to the outside of the glass on your picture frame. (See the colored fish and coral stickers I added, on photo #6 above.)  This gives the whole project an interesting 3-D look. 


Once you get the knack of working with plastic canvas and sequins, you'll become addicted to it. The possibilities are endless. So get lots of colored sequins, and let the fun begin! 

Best regards, and Happy stichin'!


Kathy Barwick
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach


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