Issue #11 November 2010
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Kathy Barwick

A Brand New Kathy Barwick Original Plastic Canvas Pattern Now Available! 


"White Ice" Quick-Change Vase Let's You Match Any Home Décor or Create Any Holiday Theme in Just 5 Minutes! 

"White Ice" Quick Change VaseHey there, fellow plastic canvas crafter!


I've got a new pattern I think you'll enjoy making for the holidays or other special occasions -- or anytime for that matter!


It's one I'm sure you'll use time and time again.


It's all white.  And it's made from hexagon canvas shapes.  It's very simple to stitch.  Yet it's exquisitely elegant and unbelievably functional!


Why White?


I've made it all white for a very special reason....


You see, each time a new holiday or other special occasion comes around you won't need to make a new vase for it...


...nor will you have to make a new vase if you change your home décor...


...Instead, you just take the existing flowers and embellishments out of the "White Ice Quick Change" vase, and add new embellishments to match the special occasion, or the new decor.   


That's why I call it the White Ice "Quick Change" Vase - it makes it s-o-o-o-o-o easy to match any décor or celebrate any special occasion...in just minutes!


Here's How You Can Do It, Too!


"White Ice" Quick Change VaseHere you'll find some pictures of the same finished vase, but embellished for different purposes, occasions, themes and home decors. 


These examples will give you a variety of ideas of the many different ways you can change it up to match whatever theme you'd like!


For example, how about using it as a wedding tabletop centerpiece?


Or as a bridal shower gift? 


It's absolutely beautiful.  And it's super-easy!


Just fill the vase with little goodies, or even cash, and set a bouquet of wedding flowers right on top of the vase.


Are You Irish, Like Me?


"White Ice" Quick Change VaseOr, if you're Irish like me, you can "quick change" the vase to celebrate good old St Patrick's Day!


Here I simply added some adhesive stickers to enhance the vase. They'll easily come off later.


Then I filled the vase with some eye-catching St Patrick's Day embellishments and other goodies.


A Gorgeous Valentine's Day Bouquet!


"White Ice" Quick Change VaseLet's not forget Valentine's Day!


Just fill the vase with your favorite Valentine-colored flowers and add some candy lollipops and some hearts.


Voila'!  You have a heartwarmingly beautiful vase for Valentine's Day!



Feeling Patriotic?


"White Ice" Quick Change VaseYou can even make a colorful and patriotic Fourth of July vase, in just minutes!


Simply poke some flag embellishments down into the foam and add some stars and some brightly colored foil.


The possibilities with this fabulous "quick change" vase are absolutely endless!     


Match Your Home Décor!


"White Ice" Quick Change VaseFor example, let's say you have new pink curtains in your kitchen. 


How about making a nice kitchen table centerpiece using pink carnations as the inserts?


I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. 


This is simply the most versatile and functional plastic canvas project you'll ever make!


How to Order...


My original pattern for this beautiful vase is now listed on my Etsy Store...


...And guess what? 


I've made it remarkably affordable, because I want you to experience the ease with which you can transform this vase into a brand new eye-catching creation -


-- over and over and over again -


-- simply through the creative use of embellishments!


To order, just click this link and it will take you right to it!


More Great Crafting Supplies and Patterns!


And don't forget:  I now have over 700 items listed on my Etsy Store in addition to this new pattern, including essential supplies and older, classic patterns from my personal stash collected over the past 16 years! 


So be sure to take a few moments to browse through my Etsy Store today.  

Best regards, and Happy stichin'!


Kathy Barwick
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach


P.S.  On my Etsy Store there are also lots of really cool classic holiday patterns from my personal stash of old and hard-to-find patterns.   


But they truly are going fast.  So if you want to stitch some honest-to-goodness, family oriented, totally classic holiday-themed patterns, this is your chance.  Just click here to go straight to the classic holiday-themed patterns! 


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It's fun and exciting, and we even play online Bingo in which you can win FREE plastic canvas patterns -- and there's no cost to play! 


So what are you waiting for? 


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