Issue #9 November 2010
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Kathy Barwick

Hey there, fellow plastic canvas crafter!


In just a minute, I've got another great FREE plastic canvas pattern for you!


But first, here's some good news for you - especially if you're one who loves to hunt on e-Bay and other sites for older, classic and difficult-to-find plastic canvas patterns.


I now have over 540 older, classic and difficult-to-find plastic canvas patterns listed on my Etsy Store -


-- including some of the older patterns from Annie's International Plastic Canvas Club!


You can search e-Bay every day for months and never find some of these awesome classic patterns!


A Treasure Trove of

Classic Plastic Canvas Patterns!


I've pulled these from my personal treasure trove of classic patterns and listed them on my Etsy Store, in categories, to make it easy for you to find exactly the classic patterns you're looking for.


These are not photocopies of old patterns.


In every case you get the actual original pattern straight from its original source.  Some are from plastic canvas books.  Some are from magazines I've collected over the years.  Some are from leaflets.


Because these are original patterns, once one of these patterns is purchased iit's gone from my Etsy Storefor good.


(In very rare cases I may have a duplicate pattern, which I would re-list.  But that is the rare exception rather than the rule.)


TONS of Great Classic Patterns - Including

Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Patterns!


SSo be sure to take a few moments and visit my Etsy Store today. 


With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up fast, you'll definitely want to search through all of the classic holiday-themed patterns I've included, such as...


...these 30 awesome classic Thanksgiving-themed patterns!


Or...if you're ready to start on your Christmas-themed patterns, I've now got over 100 joyful, inspiring and thoroughly fun Christmas patterns listed on my Etsy Store, including...


...O Holy Night Tissue Box...Christmas Tree Boutique
 ...Holiday Holly...Li'l Christmas Angels...Rudolph Candy Basket...Festive Poinsettias...Snowman Picture Frame... Reindeer North Pole Sign...


...Deluxe Gift Boxes...Christmas Candy Box...Christmas Tree Basket...Snowman Gift Bags...Let It Snow Tissue Box...Angel Bear Stocking Holder...Nativity Scene ...Holiday Chapel...Our First Christmas Wall Hanging.../p>


...Christmas Joy Tote...Lace Flower Crosses...Christmas Nutcracker...Angel Gift Bag...Mini Frosty Basket ...Stocking Stuffer Ornaments...Jeweled Snowflakes... Peppermint and Poinsettias Tissue Box...Rudolph Tissue Box...Christmas Countdown Chalkboard ...Angelic Joy Ornaments...


And there are so many more great holiday themed plastic canvas projects it will make your head spin!


Plus TONS of Other Great Classic Patterns!


That's right, you'll find TONS of other great classic patterns on mmy Etsy Store, too, including tissue boxes... place mats...wall hangings...handbags...vases...candy canisters...


...totes...shadow boxes...gift bags...book covers...Bible covers...coasters...mug inserts...angels...ginger bread houses...ginger bread baskets... checkbook covers... electrical outlet covers...


Oh my goodness, there are even plastic canvas patterns for refrigerator magnets...tote sets...eyeglass cases... beverage can covers...photo frames...gift baskets...candy dishes...coffee cup inserts...tea cup sets...teapot sets...


...mini-quilts...kitty cats...trinket boxes...hairbrush covers...floral displays...throw pillows...piggy banks...and so many, many more unique and hard-to-find classic plastic canvas patterns it would take me all day just to name them!


Plus You Can Win FREE Patterns While You Shop!


Hey, I'm not done yet...not until I tell you how easy it is to win FREE patterns when you shop mmy Etsy Store collection of classic and hard-to-find patterns - /p>


-- by playing my "Winning Hand" card game!


You see, some of my listings will have a picture of an Ace from a deck of playing cards.  (You'll see the Ace after you click on the display photo of the pattern to go to the pattern description page; see an example of what to look for by clicking here).


When you buy any four patterns with the Ace playing card in the listing, you'll then have a Winning Hand.


Each Winning Hand gives you a FREE PDF PATTERN of your choice. That's right! All you need to do is go to mmy Etsy Store, and look for the Aces in the listings when you shop.  If you buy four patterns with Aces in the listing, you get to pick any PDF pattern of your choosing!


By the way, I'll be adding more and more Aces to the patterns on my Etsy Store  over the next few weeks, so please remember to come back and check frequently.  After all, the very patterns you might want the most could end up with an Ace in the listing!


Also, you don't have to purchase four "Ace" patterns all at once.  You can purchase them individually, over time.  I'll even keep track of your purchases and the amount of Aces you have, and I'll notify you whenever you have a winning hand, so you can claim your free PDF Pattern of your choice!


As Promised:

Here's Your FREE Plastic Canvas Pattern!


Do you love to play cards? 


Well, how would you like to make a simple, yet elegant plastic canvas playing card holder? 


It's so easy to make, you can probably do it in a single day.  SSo why not make one for every card player in your household?

Here's the link to the materials and stitching instructions for this nifty little project: 


Making these handy little playing card holders is sure to keep you busy for a while...and your fellow card players will love you for it!

Best regards, and Happy stichin'!


Kathy Barwick
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach


P.S.  Since Christmas is right around the corner, here's a link to the 5 FREE quick-and-easy Christmas patterns I gave away last year, titled Plastic Canvas Stand-Up Christmas Mantle Decoration Patterns


Just click here to go straight to the FREE patterns!


P.P.S. While I'm in such a generous mood, here's a link to the FREE Plastic Canvas Christmas Gift Tag/Ornament pattern I also gave away last year!


And don't worry; I've got more FREE stuff coming your way. In fact, I'm just getting started...so stay tuned for the next issue of Kathy Barwick's Plastic Canvas Crafts Ezine!!