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Issue #37

September 2013

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Kathy Barwick

September Savings on Every Plastic Canvas Pattern on My Etsy Store!


You'll Save Up to $2.00 on Selected PDF Patterns; Plus, Save an Additional 10% on My Entire Store (For the Next 10 Days Only)!


The holidays are right around the corner, and now's the time for making holiday decorations as well as gifts for friends, family members and loved ones. That's why I've reduced prices on many of the most popular plastic canvas PDF patterns on my Etsy Store.


Plus, for the next 10 days only you can save an additional 10% on every single pattern on my Etsy store, including all of the holiday-themed patterns. Here's a few examples of the kind of money-saving bargains you'll find on my Etsy store right now...


Hi, Kathy Barwick here, for www.AddictedToPlasticCanvas.com...


Even though I recently lowered prices on many of the most popular PDF patterns on my Etsy store, starting September 18th thru Sept 27th every single item in every single section of my entire Etsy store will be an additional 10% off.


That means BIG savings for you!


There are so many adorable patterns for upcoming holidays or events, you're bound to fall in love with at least one of them.


For example, at the top of this page you can see my new Plastic Canvas Cuppy Cake Snowman Wall Hanging, which is done in 7 count on an artist size sheet of canvas, and ends up being 90W by 110H - just right to hang on your front door during the Christmas season!.


The pattern is in color, of course, with color graphs and step-by-step instructions, just like all of my patterns.


Gingerbread Boy Wall Hanging


Or take a look at this Gingerbread Boy Christmas Stocking Wall Hanging, which is also done on an artist size sheet, and ends up being 85W x 150H.


You can work the pattern in any number of colors (see examples below) simply by substituting yarn color.   



Hang one of these stockings on each of  your children's bedroom doors at Christmas-time, or choose a wall in your home to decorate with Gingerbread Boy stockings.



View it now. Just click the link.


There are LOTS more Christmas holiday decoration patterns on my Etsy Store, in the Commercial Holidays section. But there's tons of other patterns you can make as gifts.


Cat Lover Wall Hanging


For example, if you're looking for a gift for your favorite cat lover (or if you're a cat lover, like me), how about this brand new Cat Lover Wall Hanging, shown to the left? Listen closely, and you can almost hear it purring.


It's one of my favorite new plastic canvas creations, because it can be used as a wall hanging, or you can make it into a door stop!


Example: The cowgirl shown below is made into a door stop simply by gluing the finished cowgirl onto a brick that has been covered with stitched canvas.


Here's how to make this Cat wall hanging into a doorstop. The cat pattern requires you to cut out 2 sheets of canvas, (front and back), in the shape of the cat. You only stitch the front piece and leave the back un-stitched.


Because the cat, when finished, is more than twice as tall as the brick, you have to add some stability to the upper half so it won't bend or droop. So, after you've completely finished stitching the front piece, you'll need to cut a stiff strip of cardboard to insert into the upper half of the canvas. The width of the cardboard strip should be about inch smaller than the width of the neck of the cat. The length should be from the top of the cat's head down to the top of the brick. Place the cardboard between the front and back pieces of canvas for stability and whipstitch them together.

Take a standard-sized brick. Cut some plastic canvas to fit over the brick, stitch the canvas all in black, then put the canvas around the brick and whipstitch all the pieces together.

Finally, glue the cat onto the brick. Now you have a perfect self standing cat door stop. Set it by the front door, to welcome all your friends.

The Cat Lover pattern is done on 7 count artist size sheets of plastic canvas. The pattern measures 13 "W x 21"H.
View it now. Just click the link.


Play It With Pizazz


Here's another great gift you can make for the ardent card players in your life.


It's called the Play It With Pizazz Plastic Canvas Playing Card Holder, and it's one of the most popular patterns on my Etsy Store because it makes it super-easy to hold your cards without having to grip them constantly.


The pattern is in color, with full color graphs, full materials list and and step-by-step instructions, as always.


View it now. Just click the link.


And don't forget - many of these PDF patterns have been reduced in price. And all patterns are reduced an additional 10% over the next 10 days only!


So don't hesitate to check out my Etsy Store now, while there's still time left to save!


Patterns by Designer Lissa Mitchell...


Yes, even patterns by my featured designers are on sale for the next 10 days!


Here are two Gingerbread Basket patterns from Lissa Mitchell, one of my favorite designers.


You can fill them with all kinds of goodies for the upcoming holidays! Obviously, the finished pieces would also make wonderful Christmas gifts!


The special feature to these baskets is that there's no bad sides. When stitching plastic canvas, there is always a "good side" and "bad side". These baskets are constructed so that all of the sides that show (including the inside) are good!


Both Gingerbread Basket patterns measures 13" x 8" x 6".


View it now. Just click the link to view pattern #1.


View it now.  Just click the link to view pattern #2.



Primitive Trio Wall Hanging


Here's one of my favorite patterns by Lissa Mitchell -- I just love this 3-piece set called Primitive Trio.


It will surely brighten any room with its eye-catching style and sense of charming innocence from by-gone days!


The pattern features a crow on a pumpkin, a birdhouse, and a doll design. And each pattern is two feet tall!


You can decorate one whole wall, or put one pattern on each of three different walls. Whatever your choice, they'll be stunning additions to your home, and will bring joy to any room you add them to!


Each project is made with regular-size sheets of 7-count plastic canvas, worsted-weight yarn and is put together in sections. This is a fun and easy project!   

View it now. Just click the link.



Meet Little Lila


Here's another beautiful wall hanging pattern by Lissa Mitchell.


Meet Little Lila, who loves talking to the Bluebirds and hearing them sing sweet melodies.


Any little girl would fall in love with Lila instantly. What a great addition to any child's bedroom wall!


Let your child be filled with imagination and the wonders of God's creation, as she thinks about her new little friend.


This pattern is two feet tall! View it now. Just click the link.


You'll find other great, original patterns in the Lissa Mitchell section of my Etsy Store!


Symbols of Faith Patterns

by Lori Steinman...


Lori Steinman is another of my favorite plastic canvas crafts designers. She's a true master of patterns reflecting faith and religion!


Here's just one of many stunning and beautiful crosses by Lori Steinman.


It's a perfect addition to place on your front room wall at Christmas-time, or over the mantel any time of the year!


View it now. Just click the link.


In the Lori Steinman section of my Etsy Store, you'll find even more gorgeous double-layered crosses with 3D effect like the one on the left.  

They can be stitched in a variety of colors, and embellished with beautiful ribbon and dainty flowers.


Beautiful Bible Cover


This simple and easy Bible Cover by Lori Steinman will make a great gift at Christmas, or any time of the year!


And it will make a sturdy cover that will protect your Bible for years.


It's done on 7 count canvas, and comes with color graphs, finished photos, step-by-step instructions and materials list. 


View it now. Just click the link.


5-Piece Cross Tote Set 


Christmas is only four months away, so get started on this one early!


This 5-Piece Cross Tote Set is a great gift for the holidays. You'll receive patterns for the Tote, Key Chain, Cross, Checkbook Cover and Bookmark


The patterns are in full color with color graphs, finished photos, step-by-step instructions and materials list.


View it now. Just click the link.


See even more great patterns on the Lori Steinman section of my Etsy Store, today!


Patterns by Robyn Watson


Robyn Watson is another talented and imaginative plastic canvas crafts designer whose superb patterns you'll find on my Etsy Store.


Do you have friends with a travel trailer?


This Travel Trailer Tissue Cover is uniquely designed with great details, including two slide outs for pens, pencils, and a note pad.


It makes a perfect gift for your favorite travel trailer friend...or just make it for yourself!


What a great conversation piece for your own travel trailer!


Fits a oblong box of tissues.


View it now. Just click the link.


Boutique Style

Tissue/Accessories Box


This colorful Boutique Style Tissue/Accessories Box is another cleverly thought-out design by Robyn Watson.


It would look great on a teacher's desk, or in a students bedroom.


The uniquely designed stack of books has sections for holding note pads, pens, pencils, and even a bottle of hand sanitizer!


What a great gift for your school age child or grandchild. Or a gift to to your child's favorite teacher or librarian to say, "Thank You for all you do!".


View it now. Just click the link.


See more great patterns in the Robyn Watson section of my Etsy Store, today!


The Holidays

Are Approaching Fast....

If you're like me, and you love to stitch new projects for the holidays, you might want to check out the Commercial Holiday section of my Etsy Store quickly, while everything's still on sale for 10% off - next 10 days only!


After all, Halloween will be here before you know it! And I have some Spooktacular patterns you may want to grab right away and start stitching, while there's still plenty of time!


There's everything from bats to cats...to spooky owls, witches, ghosts and goblins... skeletons...pumpkins... and more - in the form of tissue toppers, candy bowls, trick-or-treat totes, extra large wall hangings, stitched on artist size sheets of canvas and other fabulous Halloween decorations.


Make your house the one that's full of memorable Halloween decorations that everyone talks about!


Or, gobble up some cute Thanksgiving Day patterns!


Thanksgiving, is the time to decorate the table. Gobbler Pumpkin Poke will make the perfect centerpiece.


But if that's not the thing you're looking for, there are many other Thanksgiving decorations ranging from pumpkin wall hangings to table accents, scarecrows, turkeys, wreaths, and magnets.


And don't forget about Christmas. It will be here before you know it!


So start the countdown and be ready before Christmas sneaks up on you. Of all the holidays Christmas is the grand finale'!


Everyone loves to see the lights, the glitter and the decorations during the holiday season!


In the Commercial Holiday section of my Etsy store you'll find patterns for Christmas tree ornaments, gift tags, gift boxes, gift bags, snowmen, candy cane bears, nativity scenes, angels, crosses, gingerbread men and much, much more!


In Conclusion...


Clearly, my  Etsy Store is your one-stop savings shop for new patterns to stitch - whether for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or for any occasion!


And for the next 10 days only, it's the place to save BIG on hundreds and hundreds of beautiful plastic canvas patterns, including some of my own original creations, plus new patterns from some of the most talented new plastic canvas designers around, and much more!


So be sure to visit my Etsy Store today. Your bound to find something you'll love for the upcoming holidays!


Best regards, and Happy stichin'!



Kathy Barwick,
Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach    


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Kathy Barwick is the author of the highly-anticipated forthcoming new 350-page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets.

She has worked extensively in crafts for over 23 years, and believes strongly that to live life to its fullest, you must actively engage in pursuits that give you the greatest sense of personal satisfaction, and you must pursue your passions and dreams with enthusiasm and determination, without ever forgetting to have fun in the process.

Besides creating her own original plastic canvas crafts designs and selling them to major crafts publishers such as Annie's Attic and the NeedleCraft Shop, her greatest passion is teaching her fellow crafters how to quickly and easily expand their skills and tap into the abundance of creative options available for taking their plastic canvas crafts projects to the next level.