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Can you really make $500.00 to $1,500.00 at a time designing plastic canvas patterns?

Yes, you can!

I did…and I'll show you how to do the same thing, step by step!

In my new book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets, you'll discover how to make literally $1,000 or more from a single book of patterns, by designing your own original patterns and submitting them to key people at major crafts publishers!

You'll learn what the major crafts publishers are looking for, and exactly who to submit your original plastic canvas crafts designs to.

Plus, you'll learn much more valuable information, such as how to turn your plastic canvas crafts addiction into a "money machine" by selling your original patterns on E-bay over and over again!

You'll also learn the hottest new designs plastic canvas crafters are searching for so you can cash in on making original patterns everyone wants!

To the left are three pattern books I designed the patterns for, and sold for over $1000.00 each to some of the world's largest plastic canvas crafts publishers.

Below that is a single pattern called "Victorian Elegance", which I designed and sold for $250.00, and which was later published in the Ultimate Tissue Topper Collection hard cover book.

As you can see, my new book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets, is much more than just a book full of new patterns. While it will include plenty of unique and completely new original patterns - over 65 in all -- you'll also get tons of creative ideas for designing your own craft patterns, or putting your own creative touches to the patterns you purchase from others.

My new book is specifically designed to help you expand your creativity. What's more, if you do not absolutely fall in love with it, you can return it within 30 days in new condition for a full refund (minus s/h).

If you are interested in getting a copy of this new book when it comes out, please take just a moment and register to get on the waiting list. Just add your name and email address to the special notification box below, and I'll notify you by email the moment my new book becomes available.

Plus, you'll get a 5 FREE plastic canvas patterns to work while you're waiting! Meanwhile, happy stitching!

Here's just a small sampling of what you're going to learn when you get a copy of my new book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets:

Yes, Kathy! Please be sure to notify me when your new book Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets is finally available!

And rush my 5 FREE original plastic canvas crafts patterns by email, right away, so I can work on them in the meantime!

Plus, be sure to sign me up for your FREE Plastic Canvas Crafts Ezine, which I understand is chock-full of useful hints, tips and fun ideas for taking my plastic canvas crafts skills to the next level!

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Just fill in your name and valid email address above. Then click the "Get Your 5 FREE Patterns" button and they will automatically be sent to you by return email.

Spam policy: We hate spam just as much as you do. Therefore, we will never sell your email address to anyone! And anytime you wish to stop receiving emails from Kathy, just click the "Don't send me any more emails" button at the bottom of the email, and your name will instantly be removed, no questions asked.

  • You'll learn how to use creative embellishments such as beads, foam letters, lace, glitter, fabric, ribbon, rhinestones and many others to dramatically boost the visual appeal of your plastic canvas projects and turn them into eye-catching additions to your household decor!

  • You'll learn how to come up with hundreds or even thousands of brand new ideas for your own plastic canvas projects, creating your own designs, making your own patterns from scratch and blowing away the professionals with your work!

  • You'll learn how to enter your plastic canvas crafts projects into local, county and state fairs, and bring home the blue ribbon every single time… learn what the judges are looking for, and how to impress the daylights out of them with your newfound crafting and design skills!

  • You'll learn the secrets of making a nice, part-time spare income selling your original plastic canvas patterns on e-bay, over and over again!

  • You'll learn how to submit your original patterns to the big plastic canvas crafts publishing companies, and make anywhere from $500 to $1,500 at a time!

Plus, there's much, much more for you in this blockbuster new book. For example…

  • You'll get over 65 original plastic canvas patterns - from beginner to advanced -- with full color photos and step-by-step instructions to work on, from award-winning designer Kathy Barwick!

  • You'll get complete patterns showing front stitch work and reverse, so you're never left in the dark about how to work the reverse side!

  • You'll get complete graphs and photos for each piece of every pattern, so you know exactly how to work the patterns, piece-by-piece!

  • You'll get an extensive "stitch-ionary," showing you how to do more than 40 unique stitches that add real class and pizzazz to your plastic canvas projects!

  • You'll get a stitch graph for each stitch, plus a color photo with each one, showing what the finished stitch looks like after it's been worked!

  • You'll even learn the simple secret for selecting the right stitches for your original designs, in order to prevent time-consuming design mistakes and boost your plastic canvas productivity to new levels!

  • You'll get specific photographic examples showing you how to spot designs in everything from rugs to wall paper to decorative tile and even furniture, and translate those designs into plastic canvas crafts projects that will knock people's socks off!

    The bottom line is that this fabulous new book delivers so much more than your standard, run-of-the-mill plastic canvas guides, you will come to depend upon it for years into the future as you nurture your plastic canvas crafts addiction and build your skills to exciting new levels!

Register Now, Get Your 5 FREE Patterns
and Lock In Your 10% "Early Bird" Discount…

To register to be notified when my new book is finally available, just type your name and email address into the special notification box to the above left, and I'll notify you by email the moment my new book becomes available.

I'll send you full details on the book, so you'll know in advance exactly what you're getting. There's no obligation to buy, of course. That's totally up to you after you receive the information. But if you decide to buy, you'll be locked-in to receive the 10% "Early Bird" discount off the regular cover price!

If you really love plastic canvas like I do, I think you'll see why this book is the one new plastic canvas guide book you'll really want, even if you buy no others this year!

Plus, if you register above within the next 10 days, I'll immediately send you by return email 5 brand new original patterns to work on while you're waiting to hear more about my book. They're absolutely FREE - just my way of saying "Thank You" for registering to be notified when my new book is available!

You can't beat that! So please register above, and I'll get your 5 FREE patterns out to you by return email right away.

Join Kathy on Facebook!

Join Kathy on Facebook!

Join with Kathy and over 1,600 other avid plastic canvas crafters on the Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer's Group on Facebook, where everyone shows off their most recent plastic canvas crafts projects and where Kathy regularly announces new plastic canvas crafts contests and challenges...answer questions from fellow crafters...offer advice and ideas...and much more!

You'll make boat loads of new friends in this vibrant community of talented plastic canvas crafters. And you'll be able to start showing off your own projects, and sharing your own hints, tips and ideas with the whole group. Kathy would love to have you onboard, so click this link and join today!

Visit Kathy's Addicted to Plastic Canvas Store on Etsy.com

If you're interested in seeing Kathy's latest original plastic canvas patterns, be sure to visit her Addicted to Plastic Canvas Store on Etsy.com, where all of her newest creations are available for sale in PDF format, emailed to you within 24 hours of receiving your order.

For example, you'll find the pattern for her award-winning three-tiered Keepsake Wedding Cake (see left), plus patterns for unique and beautiful tissue boxes, coaster sets, totes, handbags, trinket boxes, Mardi Gras masks, and much more!

Plus, from time to time Kathy combs through her cache of hard-to-find classic plastic canvas patterns she's accumulated over the years from various publishers, and lists dozens of these rare, out-of-print patterns for sale. These are the actual printed patterns (no photocopies), taken straight out of their original publications, which Kathy will mail to you by U.S. Postal service immediately upon receiving your order!

These unique and difficult to obtain patterns have been taken from plastic canvas books, magazines and leaflets she's collected over the past 16 years, including some of the older patterns from Annie's International Plastic Canvas Club -- true, classic plastic canvas patterns you probably won't find anywhere else.

And best of all, they're priced right! So visit Kathy's Addicted to Plastic Canvas Store on Etsy.com today, and load up on some of these unique, original, and breathtakingly beautiful patterns while their still available!

Kathy's Etsy.com store now has 10 different categories of plastic canvas, to make your shopping quick and easy: Here are the top four categories...

In the category “Kathy Barwick Patterns,” you'll find Kathy's latest original, personally designed plastic canvas crafts patterns!
Click here...

In the category “Annie’s PC Club,” you'll find dozens of plastic canvas patterns from Kathy's personal cache of rare and difficult-to-find classic patterns!
Click here...

In the category “Craft Supplies,” you'll find plastic canvas supplies such as purse forms, hexagon shapes, circles, 7 count canvas and more!
Click here...

In the category “Holiday,” you'll find tons of rare plastic canvas patterns for the holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more!
Click here...

Be sure to visit Kathy’s Etsy.com store where you’ll find over 1,000 plastic canvas patterns and crafts supplies to fill your every need!

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