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Meet the Author...Kathy Barwick

Kathy Barwick is the author of the highly-anticipated forthcoming new 350-page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets.

She has worked extensively in crafts for over 23 years, and believes strongly that to live life to its fullest, you must actively engage in pursuits that give you the greatest sense of personal satisfaction, and you must pursue your passions and dreams with enthusiasm and determination, without ever forgetting to have fun in the process.

Besides creating her own original plastic canvas crafts designs and selling them to major crafts publishers such as Annie's Attic and the NeedleCraft Shop, her greatest passion is teaching her fellow crafters how to quickly and easily expand their skills and tap into the abundance of creative options available for taking their plastic canvas crafts projects to the next level.

Kathy, with best-selling women's success author Karen Nelson Bell, getting some tips on putting the finishing touches to her upcoming book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets!

Kathy is a certified Arts and Crafts instructor. For five years she taught both adult and children's classes in ceramics and stained glass while living overseas.

She honed her own crafting abilities by making and selling her crafts to augment her income. Over the years, she has sold many of her home décor craft projects to enthusiastic buyers in Europe and the U.S., often as fast as she could make them!

A multi-talented artist, she has also done extensive work with liquid embroidery and cross stitch, winning a first-place award for her liquid embroidery in Germany.

Her natural ability and willingness to experiment have kept Kathy busy trying new art mediums, but never too busy to share her talents and welcome new crafters into the fold.

For the past 14 years her greatest love has been plastic canvas. She has won hundreds of awards in a variety of local, county and state crafts competitions, and has sold a number of her original designs to well-known plastic canvas crafts publishers as well as to other plastic canvas crafts enthusiasts.

Kathy with her husband Steve, relaxing at home.

She now resides in southern California with her husband Steve, where she pursues her passion for helping crafters improve their skills through a variety of venues including her new book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets, as well as upcoming videos and a web site designed for budding plastic canvas enthusiasts that is currently under development.

Kathy is also an avid eBay marketer who has learned how to turn her passion for plastic canvas into a lucrative part-time income.

As a big believer in life-long learning and self-improvement, Kathy is constantly taking courses and attending conferences in a variety of fields including web site building and design, online marketing, motivation and teaching, eBay sales, business and personal development, and natural health.

When not designing new plastic canvas crafts projects or working on the launch of her upcoming book, videos and online teaching forums, Kathy enjoys outdoor gardening as well as helping her husband run his marketing and publishing businesses. She has four wonderful grown children and three grandchildren whom she adores.


Join Kathy on Facebook!

Join Kathy on Facebook!

Join with Kathy and over 1,600 other avid plastic canvas crafters on the Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer's Group on Facebook, where everyone shows off their most recent plastic canvas crafts projects and where Kathy regularly announces new plastic canvas crafts contests and challenges...answer questions from fellow crafters...offer advice and ideas...and much more!

You'll make boat loads of new friends in this vibrant community of talented plastic canvas crafters. And you'll be able to start showing off your own projects, and sharing your own hints, tips and ideas with the whole group. Kathy would love to have you onboard, so click this link and join today!

Visit Kathy's Addicted to Plastic Canvas Store on Etsy.com

If you're interested in seeing Kathy's latest original plastic canvas patterns, be sure to visit her Addicted to Plastic Canvas Store on Etsy.com, where all of her newest creations are available for sale in PDF format, emailed to you within 24 hours of receiving your order.

For example, you'll find the pattern for her award-winning three-tiered Keepsake Wedding Cake (see left), plus patterns for unique and beautiful tissue boxes, coaster sets, totes, handbags, trinket boxes, Mardi Gras masks, and much more!

Plus, from time to time Kathy combs through her cache of hard-to-find classic plastic canvas patterns she's accumulated over the years from various publishers, and lists dozens of these rare, out-of-print patterns for sale. These are the actual printed patterns (no photocopies), taken straight out of their original publications, which Kathy will mail to you by U.S. Postal service immediately upon receiving your order!

These unique and difficult to obtain patterns have been taken from plastic canvas books, magazines and leaflets she's collected over the past 16 years, including some of the older patterns from Annie's International Plastic Canvas Club -- true, classic plastic canvas patterns you probably won't find anywhere else.

And best of all, they're priced right! So visit Kathy's Addicted to Plastic Canvas Store on Etsy.com today, and load up on some of these unique, original, and breathtakingly beautiful patterns while their still available!

Kathy's Etsy.com store now has 10 different categories of plastic canvas, to make your shopping quick and easy: Here are the top four categories...

In the category “Kathy Barwick Patterns,” you'll find Kathy's latest original, personally designed plastic canvas crafts patterns!
Click here...

In the category “Annie’s PC Club,” you'll find dozens of plastic canvas patterns from Kathy's personal cache of rare and difficult-to-find classic patterns!
Click here...

In the category “Craft Supplies,” you'll find plastic canvas supplies such as purse forms, hexagon shapes, circles, 7 count canvas and more!
Click here...

In the category “Holiday,” you'll find tons of rare plastic canvas patterns for the holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more!
Click here...

Be sure to visit Kathy’s Etsy.com store where you’ll find over 1,000 plastic canvas patterns and crafts supplies to fill your every need!

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