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Kathy Barwick has been helping crafters hone their skills and turn their passion into profit for over 20 years. Here's one recent example of what the information in her new book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets: How to Nurture Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Addiction, Take Your Skills to the Next Level, and Turn Your Passion Into Profit can do for you:

I’ve been doing plastic canvas for several years now. I love working with plastic canvas, and surprise myself at times with what I come up with.

I was introduced to Kathy Barwick on Facebook and I was just amazed by her creations.

I started posting some of my creations on her Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Group on Facebook, and Kathy was so enthusiastic about my designs that we now have an agreement where she sells my patterns on her Etsy store. I now have over 25 of my own original patterns listed on her Etsy store.

Kathy and I correspond by email and by phone about my upcoming projects. She’s helped me out tremendously by giving me tips and great advice on how to make my plastic canvas creations stand out so they appeal to an even wider audience.

When I need advice on any aspect of plastic canvas crafting, I ask Kathy. She’s taken time out of her busy schedule to talk to me, give me advice or just to make me laugh. Most of all, her advice is helping me boost my plastic canvas crafting skills.

I’ve learned a lot and have become a better plastic canvas designer thanks to Kathy’s taking the time to help me and give me her honest opinions on my designs, whether good or bad. We work until we both like the finished design and know it will sell.

I haven’t met Kathy personally but she’s a special person and a great friend and if you ever get the chance to talk with her or meet her you’ll say the same thing.

I THANK YOU so much Kathy for all that you’ve done for me.

    Lori Steinman

I have been doing plastic canvas for many years, since the age of 12. I thank God for all of my talent, and give Him the credit. It is His gift to me and in HIM all things are possible!

I love plastic canvas and I've been looking for ways to sell my patterns to make some extra money. I came across this website run by Kathy Barwick at www.addictedtoplasticcanvas.com. On her web site, Kathy gives away 5 FREE patterns for anyone who registers to learn more about her upcoming book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets, which helps crafters learn how to improve their plastic canvas crafting skills and make money doing what they love most.

I emailed Kathy and I asked her if she could help me out and let me know how I can get my patterns sold to a major crafts publisher. In the past, I've tried selling some patterns to the Needlecraft Shop, but they turned me down. I told Kathy it would be a dream come true for me if I could actually sell some of my patterns.

To my surprise, Kathy wrote back and said she wanted to see some pictures of my work. There was one pattern in particular I was working on at the time, a dolphin pattern. I emailed the pictures to Kathy and she replied, letting me know what she liked about the pattern, and what she didn't like, and making suggestions for changes that would enhance its potential to be sold to a major crafts publisher. Each time I made the suggested changes, I would email new photos to Kathy, and she would write back with additional suggestions for improvements. After about seven emails she finally told me my pattern was good enough to submit. She then emailed me the information I needed regarding who to submit my project to at Annie's Attic - one of the largest and most prestigious plastic canvas crafts publishers in the world -- and how to submit it properly.

After all of Kathy's advice I submitted my project and I am very happy to announce that I just received confirmation that Annie's Attic wants to buy the Dolphin Tissue Topper to add in their new book, "The Big Book of Tissue Covers".

All I can say is that I appreciate everything Kathy has helped me with! On her web site, she promises that her book will help aspiring plastic canvas crafters learn how to turn their passion into profit, and I for one can attest that Kathy knows exactly how to do it. If she can help me, she can help you too! I strongly recommend her new book. I am living proof she really knows what she's talking about!

    Laura Oversby

    New plastic canvas crafter Marie B. with Kathy Barwick

"I just stopped by your Etsy store, since I hadn't visited for a while. Love all the new items. You're so inspiring! I hope to have my own Etsy store up and running soon.

My Mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer not long after I spoke with you early last year about setting up the online store here. Sadly she passed away in Dec., so with that being said, I stopped crafting when she became ill and put everything on hold. So now I've started back crafting and am trying to get refocused again and things are going well.

I also wanted to let you know that your kinds words and positive feedback on my work made me believe that I could do this! I've also started making jewelry and deco mesh wreaths! I have pinned a few of your items to my Pinterest board for inspiration. If I decide to make them, then I will purchase the download patterns.

I'm sure you didn't realize it but you really sparked something creative inside of me and I just wanted to say, THANK YOU! Please keep me in your prayers as I will do the same for you. Happy Crafting! Peace & Blessings."

Kathy's Etsy.com store now has 10 different categories of plastic canvas, to make your shopping quick and easy: Here are the top four categories...

In the category “Kathy Barwick Patterns,” you'll find Kathy's latest original, personally designed plastic canvas crafts patterns!
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In the category “Annie’s PC Club,” you'll find dozens of plastic canvas patterns from Kathy's personal cache of rare and difficult-to-find classic patterns!
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In the category “Craft Supplies,” you'll find plastic canvas supplies such as purse forms, hexagon shapes, circles, 7 count canvas and more!
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In the category “Holiday,” you'll find tons of rare plastic canvas patterns for the holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more!
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Be sure to visit Kathy’s Etsy.com store where you’ll find over 1,000 plastic canvas patterns and crafts supplies to fill your every need!

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